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[EXAM] Special reserved exam session - April 1st - 3PM - Lab 17

andrea.sterbini (173640 points)
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A special reserved exam session will be held next April 1st at 3PM in Lab 17, via Tiburtina 205. The session is reserved to:

part-time students, distance (Unitelma) students, "fuori corso" in A.Y. 2021-2022, parent students, worker students, disabled and D.S.A. students (Dyslexic).

To participate fill before next 6th of March the form

NOTICE: the deadline to submit the recovery homeworks for admission is 23:59 of 27th March. Apply also on Infostud with the same deadline.

2 Answers

GuidoG93 (970 points)
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by (970 points)
Excuse me professor, I'm a worker student and I filled the form.

However, it seems there is no April 1st exam session on Infostud available, is it because it still has to come up or is it because Infostud doesn't recognize me as a worker student?

Thank you in advance for the answer.
andrea.sterbini (173640 points)
516 941 1795
by (174k points)
Spognardi has to open the infostud exam
angelo.spognardi (4720 points)
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by (4.7k points)
The procedure for the reserved exam is a bit different. Once the form expires, the secretary will check the requesters' eligibility, and only then will I manually enroll the students eligible for the exam.
angelo.spognardi (4720 points)
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by (4.7k points)
The students who have to attend the exam should check if their reservation appears in the relative exam of Infostud. If not, please, write to me.