homework 8 recovery double input

andrealoria (1120 points)
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asked Jan 8 in HW8 by andrealoria (1,120 points)
Hi, i dont understand why in HW8 recovery we have a double input for the ex function.

The first input is an image ,what is the "output_file" in input?

the function will have to return a number of plots(int value) and an image (list of list or list of tuple?)

please help me =)

Thanks for the answers!

1 Answer

enricomaria.follega (710 points)
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answered Jan 8 by enricomaria.follega (710 points)
the output_file is the path/name that the final image will be saved to, after that all your programs in your algorithm have been run.

the image is a list of tuples not a list of lists. if you use a list of lists, the module image.py will generate an error.
James_F (4750 points)
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commented Jan 12 by James_F (4,750 points)
it's indeed a list tuple's lists:
 e.g [[(color),(color),(color)][(color),(color),(color)]]