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asked Dec 19, 2021 in HW4 by Ganni02 (4,920 points)

While working through the recovery for hw4, I stumbled upon what I presume to be an issue with the final 3 tests which test the method print_exam_record. Below is the description as written in the text.

- print_exam_record(exam_code, fileout, dbsize), which receives an
      exam_code of an exam and saves in fileout the information about that
      exam, using the following formula
"The student <stud_surname> <stud_name>, student number <stud_code>, took on <date> the <course_name> exam with the teacher <teach_surname> <teach_name> with grade <grade>."
      The function returns the exam grade associated with the exam_code
      received as input.

The expected results from the downloaded text files:

The student Maximilian Piatti, student number 1273288, took on 2020/06/12 the Metodi Di Progetto Per L'Ingegneria Industriale Lm exam with the teacher Matilde Menconi with grade 18.

The json files from which values are extracted:

  "teach_code": "000",
  "teach_name": "Matilde",
  "teach_surname": "Menconi",
  "teach_email": ""

The surname and name are changed in the expected result. The same happens in the 3 other tests. Should we amend the expected result or should the tests be amended?

Thank you :))

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gabriel.bustamante (2540 points)
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answered Dec 19, 2021 by gabriel.bustamante (2,540 points)
I was confused by this too. On the VM I pass all tests with the name-surname format for both the teacher and the student, I can only assume that they got switched up at some point.

I'll piggy-back off this to also report that on my machine I fail test 'pre1_m' due to a missing whitespace on line 14, but the same test passes on the VM, so don't fixate too much on it.
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answered Dec 19, 2021 by andrea.sterbini (172,680 points)
Thanks for noticing this.

We will check
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commented Dec 23, 2021 by Ganni02 (4,920 points)
Professor, has a conclusion been reached about this? Should I submit them in reverse order or as explained in the original text?
andrea.sterbini (172680 points)
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commented Dec 26, 2021 by andrea.sterbini (172,680 points)
By default, tests are the reference and this should be considered a text mistake.
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commented Dec 26, 2021 by Ganni02 (4,920 points)
Thank you Professor.