Algorithm's problems.

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Unfortunately, even if I thought about it for days I have no ideas about how to start, can I have any advice?

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Try, for every pattern, to generate rows that already match the requirements of the pattern, and then you can assemble these rows into matrices (see the recursion here?)
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Probably the best strategy here is to "divide and impera". Create algorithms that work for each property, then put them together. I can't say more than this.
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Totally agree, you can't take such a big problem all together. Think how to solve each small step.
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You can model the problem as a "Game Tree" where the state (node) is the current matrix/image that gets built and the "move" (edge) is adding something to the image so that you go into another state.

In the end, you should hit a final state in which the image is complete. In the case of a pattern, think well at the "moves" you have to do to keep your solution valid. Hope this helps.