Can anyone else not upload new versions of the homework for like 2 days?

KilianS (3590 points)
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asked Dec 8, 2021 in HW6 by KilianS (3,590 points)
It says "no delivery available", and the deadline is kind of approaching

1 Answer

andrea.sterbini (172780 points)
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answered Dec 8, 2021 by andrea.sterbini (172,780 points)
Did you complete the peer-assessment by giving to all suggestions your feedback?
KilianS (3590 points)
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commented Dec 8, 2021 by KilianS (3,590 points)
that might be it, I got one submission which was just a youtube link. But now  when i try to get back to peer assesment it says "you dont have permission to perform this operation"