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[GRADES] Grades of the HW4 required

andrea.sterbini (173640 points)
516 941 1795
in News by (174k points)
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We have re-run the HW4req tests and similarity checks and updated the PDF.

LET ME KNOW if you have submitted your HW in the wrong course, and I will place you in the proper list.

Here is a second draft of the HW4 required grades.
For any doubt, comment below.
You can already check the errors on secret tests (if any) in your personal results page (tab Correctness).

This is the zip with our solutions and with secret tests.

EDIT: as usual, in case your code is marked as "too similar" to someone else's you must do and submit the HW4 recover (that will be published shortly).

1 Answer

gio0628sato (960 points)
2 4 9
by (960 points)
Hello,professor I have checked this now. When I run the test one by one the outputs on the console is right. What is the problem with my code ? I don’t know where I am mistaken.I’m really sorry
andrea.sterbini (173640 points)
516 941 1795
by (174k points)

If you look at your results, in the  "Correctness" tab, you will find the error:

E   AssertionError=  !=  = The output type should be= float
E   [Il tipo di dato in output deve essere= float]