Is this an input we should not worry about?

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asked Dec 3, 2021 in HW6 by Fraah (620 points)

I tried changing the spacing value in the test script, and I found out that some inputs break my algorithm.

For example if you change the spacing of the test mat-16-25 to 1, some lines will either break completely or they will not have their last building at the end of the image, but instead shifted to the left as if the row is not complete.

wrong thing

I'm 80% sure that this is caused by the spacing between the buildings, that in this case would be a float(4.9). That float automatically becomes an integer when using the operator //. So in this case it is 4, but it would be 4,9.

Since we cut the 0.9 part the row is shorter. 

So my question is: should be worry about these kinds of inputs for the secret tests? Thank you for reading.

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NO, we generate inputs that are correct w.r.t. the stated assumptions. (please pay attention when you read the homework)