Unit1 lecture recording November 16th

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I'm watching the lecture recording from last Tuesday and I noticed that the recording stopped during the 10 min break around 1 pm and didn't continue. I was wondering if that was the actual end of the lecture or there is a missing part that hasn't been uploaded.

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This is all the notes I have taken during class:

# how can i append some text at the beginning of a file?

if 1:
    with open(r'.\filehandler\test33-Open.txt', 'r') as fh:
        l = fh.readlines()
    l.insert(0, '****')
    l.insert(len(l)//2 , '++')
    with open(r'.\filehandler\test33-Open.txt', 'w') as fh:

    Best Case Scenario:
        - Depth: log2(n) (Depth == (imagine the recursion fuction as a tree), the height of the tree)
        - We have to compare n elements log2(n) times so O(n)=n*log2(n)
    Worst Case Scenario:
        - Depth: n
        - O(n) = n**2

RGB System:
    - Each image is a matrix, each pixel is a tuple with 3 components: (R,G,B)
    - Additive System: each color is given by the sum of the light from the 2 pixels

import pngmatrix

# Mario into Luigi
mario = pngmatrix.load_png8(r'.\img\Mario.png')
luigi = [[pixel if pixel!=(227,6,19) else (29, 227, 6) for pixel in x] for x in mario]
pngmatrix.save_png8(luigi, r'.\img\Luigi.png')
# Mirror Luigi
luigimir = luigi.copy()
l = [row[::-1] for row in luigimir]
pngmatrix.save_png8(l, r'.\img\LuigiMir.png')

# Mario(sx) & Luigi(dx)
patch=[mario[x]+l[x] for x in range(len(l))]
pngmatrix.save_png8(patch, r'.\img\patch.png')

# Luigi Transposed
tmario = [[mario[y][x] for y in range(len(mario[0]))] for x in range(len(mario))]
pngmatrix.save_png8(tmario, r'.\img\TMario.png')

# Mario rotated
rotmario = [[mario[y][x] for y in range(len(mario[0])-1, -1, -1)] for x in range(len(mario))]
pngmatrix.save_png8(rotmario, r'.\img\RotMario.png')

The part you are interested in is  after the line: import pngmatrix

We have modified an image (list of lists of tuples with syntax (R,G,B)) of Super Mario as follows. From top to bottom:

  • Changed a particular tuple with another (Mario's Red to Luigi's Green)
  • Mirrored the image with respect to the vertical axis
  • Concatenate two images
  • Transpose an image (just like in linear algebra, rows become colums and vice versa)
  • rotate an image by 90°

I really like using list comprehensions, as you might see, I hope it is understandable...

The files where shared by professor Mancini in "Unit 1, class exercises" \ "Mario", click here.

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thank you, this is very helpful!
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You're welcome!
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I think, the professor might have forgotten to record the lecture after that break. In any case, @Luigi Pizza has pretty much covered all the topics prof. Mancini talked about so just check that out.