Cheesy way to bring down intricacy to 0

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asked Nov 19, 2021 in Programming in Python by TizioCaio95 (470 points)
So, while working at the HW4, I had to change a part of my code, and as a byproduct of that I had an empty function that was never called and didn't do anything at all. For some time I forgot about it, fast forward some hours and I go to try the intricacy of my code and I see that the aforementioned function reduced the intricacy, just by being there. As a test I tried adding 15 empty function that only returned 0 and that got my intricacy very, very low. I just wanted to report this, I wish good luck to all for HW4!

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the intricacy considered in hw is the max above all func/classes, so there is no way you can exploit this nor a way that this will affect grades of the "clever" one.
It is stated in hw's guidelines tho.