passed or failed?

andrealoria (1120 points)
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asked Nov 15, 2021 in HW2 by andrealoria (1,120 points)
retagged Nov 19, 2021 by andrealoria
In the last update of my HW2 i got 16 passed test and 11 points for "Intricacy value" but my execution time is below the average of the execution time.

So my question is, in my own case, the HW2 is passed or failed?

Thanks for help!

3 Answers

Luigi Pizza (6120 points)
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answered Nov 15, 2021 by Luigi Pizza (6,120 points)
The maximum you can get in the hw2 recovery is 30, you already got 32. You're better off keeping your points.

As Ruben Ciranni said in a post, getting the best answer:"You only have to take the recovery homework if your grade is below 16. [...] However, you can take the recovery homework to higher up your grade if you want.". But you already got more than you can get with it.
rokshana03 (7140 points)
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answered Nov 16, 2021 by rokshana03 (7,140 points)
As long as you got 16 tests passed, you are good to go!!  With 16 tests, you get the full 30 marks which is more than enough to pass the HW. The problem would have been raised if you had gotten less than 9 tests ( so less than 16 points which is the bare minimum needed to pass) .
gianluca5539 (9820 points)
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answered Nov 19, 2021 by gianluca5539 (9,820 points)
The intricacy and execution time make up for 4 points extra to the 30 you get by passing 16 tests. If you passed 16 tests you get at least 30.