HW4 Usage of both phones_for_word and stresses

pasqualinaparadiso (740 points)
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asked Nov 11, 2021 in HW4 by pasqualinaparadiso (740 points)

I looked into how the functions phones_for_word and stresses work on this page. If phones_for_word returns the ARPAbet  and the stress of the syllable, what is the use of stresses? Is it mandatory, at this point, to use it?


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GabrielAlexandru (7760 points)
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answered Nov 11, 2021 by GabrielAlexandru (7,760 points)
I think we need to use stresses because it's implemented differently than however we are going to do it, and probably it's faster. Plus, it's easier to write stresses(string) than implementing all the code.

I don't know though if this is the correct explanation as to why we need to use stresses
KilianS (3590 points)
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answered Nov 12, 2021 by KilianS (3,590 points)
i mean, most functions in modules are checked for efficiency regularly, so we probably wont write a quicker function ‍♂️

i guess you could do without though, someone correct me if im wrong