Does the code get re-evaluated after doing PA?

siriasannino (2970 points)
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asked Nov 9, 2021 in HW2 by siriasannino (2,970 points)
I turned the code in before the first deadline, and did peer assessment yesterday

This morning, I resubmitted my work hoping to (maybe) get an higher mark on it, but it's been 4 hours and it still shows the "Uploaded" status, I've heard of other people who submitted their work 12 hrs ago and it's still in the same status

What I wanted to ask is, after PA, if you reupload your code, does it eventually get re-evaluated? And does it still have a max of 34 points (that is, if one gets both bonuses) ?

Thank you in advance for answering c:

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Exyss (21390 points)
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answered Nov 9, 2021 by Exyss (21,390 points)
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Yes, the whole point of the PA is to improve your code after reading the suggestions given by others. The code should get re-evaluated both after being re-uploaded during PA and when the professors will run the secret tests once the 10/11 deadline is reached. Probably it's just that everyone is re-uploading it at the same time, making the queue very long.
siriasannino (2970 points)
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commented Nov 9, 2021 by siriasannino (2,970 points)
Thanks! I'll wait and see then, let's hope it gets re-evaulated soon
saad rahman (540 points)
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commented Nov 9, 2021 by saad rahman (540 points)
Yeah, I uploaded as soon as the portal was reopened for delivery, however its been 12 hours. I hope it gets tested soon, so I can improve it further if required.
andrea.sterbini (172680 points)
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commented Nov 9, 2021 by andrea.sterbini (172,680 points)
Sometimes Q2A and the VM de-sync

I have pushed the last submissions, you should get the results in an hour
siriasannino (2970 points)
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commented Nov 9, 2021 by siriasannino (2,970 points)
I got them 5 minutes ago, thank you very much Professor