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Hello everybody, i noticed that the count method of iterables and my manual method of counting subsequences does not work in the way like the homework desires. So i was in doubt of how subsequences are intended. For example we want to count '00' in '000010'. Is the frequency of the segment 2 or 3? When a character is taken it is like "burnt" or the only thing that matters is the position of the segment? Sorry if I was not clear and thanks everyone for the attention.


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In the example you wrote the frequency is 3. Overlapping segments are allowed in this exercise, but the .count() method doesn't take them into account. You'll have to find a different way to count them.

"Position" is a good keyword imo
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If a= '000010' and we want to count the occurances of the substring '00' with the a.count('00') method the result would be 2. You can visualize why this happens by splitting the string: a= '00 00 10'. As you can see the substring '00' is present two times. No character is 'burnt', the string remains exactly like that. This might be confusing because you are counting ho many '00' are in a string with many zeros but if you change the characters it might be clearer.
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Yes I was talking in the perspective of hw3