Online tutoring begins ! [Reservations Open]

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Hi all,

we have opened a Google Calendar that will allow you to book in 15-minute slots (the duration of a slot may increase if the affluence will be low) in which you can expose us your doubts; the dates are visible directly on the calendar.

This activity will begin tomorrow 4/11/21 and end Saturday 18/12/21 (inclusive).

Please book only once per week and if you have the same questions also in groups of several people. A slot can be booked by only one person and the latter will receive an email containing the link to the call on Google Meet (it will arrive on the email related to the account with which the booking was made, I suggest you to check that the booking is made with the institutional account).


  • Be on time

  • Prepare the question(s) to be asked in advance so as to fit within the available minutes

  • If possible, at the time of booking, please enter the subject of the question (e.g. "hwX error loading image") in the description field, this will allow us to optimize time

  • Do not book more than one slot per day

  • Don't ask for homework solutions because (probably) we haven't done them wink

ATTENTION: Reservations for an X day will be "closed" at 00:00 on the day of the appointment, so that we can have an estimation of the times. (E.g. Mario wants to book for Thursday morning, he can do it until 23:59 of the day before, that is Wednesday). Times refer to Central European Time (CET).

Tutor contact can be found here

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this is great thanks!!!!!!
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who are the tutors gonna be?
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Tutor (list) contact can be found here