Cool feature about Spyder

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asked Oct 29, 2021 in Programming in Python by ruben.ciranni (4,650 points)
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I just found out a cool feature of Spyder and I wanted to share it:

When defining a function you can automatically generate a description of that function by specifying the types of the parameters and of the return value (For example ex(a: int, b: list) -> bool) and pressing enter twice.

That is really useful to always have under control the what the parameters and the returns of each function represent.

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gabrimat (5630 points)
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answered Oct 29, 2021 by gabrimat (5,630 points)
Thank you for sharing
Luigi Pizza (6120 points)
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answered Oct 29, 2021 by Luigi Pizza (6,120 points)
Yes, but they are just a suggestion: Python will not check if a is an int or if b is a list, it is just to make the code easier to read.
ruben.ciranni (4650 points)
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commented Oct 29, 2021 by ruben.ciranni (4,650 points)
Yes, it only generates a docstring which describes the function
KilianS (3590 points)
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answered Oct 30, 2021 by KilianS (3,590 points)
i also thank you for sharing !