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asked Oct 26, 2021 in News by digamma (480 points)

Hey, Guys I just created a public GitHub Repo and constantly adding and committing new mini-projects. I would be beyond grateful if you head on my Github repo, clone some code, and commit.

in this way, by the end of the course, we will have several well-written codes with tons of experience in both python and Git.

here is the repo if you want to clone:

if you have any questions regarding Git and the project, I will be glad to explain!


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I would suggest that everyone also takes a look at this Git Tutorial (or equivalent) before going to the repository. It's pretty straightforward, but if you have no experience Git can be tough to deal with.

I have more than a year of experience with Git and GitHub, so I know most of the stuff. You can ask me too if you need any help with Git, GitHub, GitLab etc.

Have a nice day everyone!

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commented Oct 26, 2021 by digamma (480 points)

I also like to recommend Pycharm as cloning, commiting and pushing the code in it is as easy as a few clicks.

once you learned the concept of Git, you can refer to this link to get to know how to implement Git in your Pycharm project. (thats one of the features i believe makes pycharm more useful than spyder ofcourse)