infinite while loop

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asked Oct 21, 2021 in Programming in Python by zoe_matrullo (2,090 points)
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Hi everybody

I'm trying to complete the first optional homework and my code includes a while loop. The issue is that this specific part prevents my code from working since the loop doesn't stop running. Has anyone any advice on how to solve this problem?

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gio0628sato (960 points)
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answered Oct 21, 2021 by gio0628sato (960 points)
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Maybe you can use the break statement???
leonardo_13 (1530 points)
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That's probably the best solution.
Lorenzo_Pellegrino (770 points)
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Or you can check the loop conditions and verify if at some point they get statisfied, if not, there will be the endless loop
andrea.sterbini (172680 points)
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answered Oct 21, 2021 by andrea.sterbini (172,680 points)
Have you checked that the while condition becomes False eventually?
gabrimat (5630 points)
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answered Oct 21, 2021 by gabrimat (5,630 points)
Maybe if you are using a while loop with a counter (using while because you are checking multiple conditions) check that you have actually added the counter increase assignment. Maybe with more information I could understand better your situation.