Hi all! Is there a specific channel where we can ask questions about exercises?

Bellatrix (350 points)
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asked Oct 12, 2021 in Programmare in Python by Bellatrix (350 points)

Maybe there is a separated channel already in Q?A / other platform already used by students. I am a newbie of programming and also a worker so I am trying to keep up with lessons and lab classes :) Thanks for helping and I wish a good evening to all :)   


2 Answers

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answered Oct 13, 2021 by Map (370 points)
Hi, if you look at last year Q&A you can see students discussing exercises/programming problems on the "Recent Activity" page, where you have just posted too. So we can probably just use this, I can't think about any other platform, the whatsapp group is mainly used to discuss about lessons' schedule and other academic issues, not for programming.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
andrea.sterbini (172780 points)
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answered Oct 13, 2021 by andrea.sterbini (172,780 points)
Just use the "Programmare in Python" post category as you did with this post.

If, instead, you want to discuss old exam exercises use the "Eserciziario d'esame" category
Bellatrix (350 points)
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commented Oct 13, 2021 by Bellatrix (350 points)
Perfect! Will do!

Thanks a lot Professor!