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Unit 1 - lectures 3 and 4

mauman (880 points)
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I added the next group of slides in the shared folder, so you can have a look at them before they will be presented this week.

By the way, we will start programming this Tuesday!


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amic1010 (1460 points)
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Looking at the material we will learn this week, I advise anyone not familiar with coding to glance at chapters 1.3-1.5 of the (textbook) and do the exercises of 1.9. To build a solid base to be ready for class. I also recommend this (video) which will help you get familiar with coding in the Spyder IDE.

saad rahman (540 points)
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Thanks, Really helpful !
zoe_matrullo (2090 points)
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Hi everyone! I have a question concerning one of the topics covered during today's lesson. Can arrays be compared to lists of values like the ones that can be used in Python?
Luigi Pizza (6120 points)
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It will surely be argument of another lesson, don't worry. If you want to know more, you can read the bibliography of the course here: (Please show some love to thatt comment of mine, it took way too much time to put together (I had to check the copyright of each suggested reading))

P.S. If you want some spoilers lists are hard-coded into python (so they don't need to be declared, as opposed to arrays) and they have all those characteristics you'd expect in a normal array, you can repeat elements, you can add or remove elements, though lists can have as elements multiple variable types (such as strings, integers, floats etc.) , but some python libraries have arrays that do the same. Generally, I've been told that Arrays are usually much more compact and useful than lists but don't take my word for it.

Carlotta Murri (800 points)
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Would it be possible to have the slides in advance for all the following classes (maybe give them out week by week) so that we could have them already to follow along better during the lecture?
saad rahman (540 points)
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Yeah, that would be very helpful.

We get the them in advance in Computer Architecture Classes.
Benedetta Murri (950 points)
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Yes it would be very nice in order to understand better.
amic1010 (1460 points)
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That would be very beneficial for our understanding of the topics. However, if it is not possible, I would suggest reading the class textbook in advance and doing the exercises inside it to have a base for when he finally mentions it in class.