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[NEWS] Teaching Assistants (tutor) for Programming and Programming Lab

iacopomasi (2780 points)
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Dear folks,

This is to present the teaching assistants (tutor) for Programming and Programming Lab

Tutors are a very important resource that complements our teaching activity and offers additional support you may need in practice.

The tutors' task is to:

- helping students with installations / set up / debugging / providing clarifications on topics
- provide clarifications or help on q2a if we teachers do not arrive on time.
- later on, help the students to practice solving exam exercises

I leave the tutors the freedom to organize the work as they wish (remote or in presence).

You can talk to them in English.

The tutors' emails are:

Alessandro Monteleone - 
Eduardo Rinaldi - 
Guido Pitoni - 
Gabriele De Stradis -
Riccardo Tittarelli - 
Damiano Gualandri - 

They should also be registered here on q2a but I don't know their nicknames.

As soon as they read the post they can comment below to introduce themselves.


8 Answers

saad rahman (540 points)
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Thanks, very helpful !
by (340 points)
Hello, I am one of the tutors.
eduardo_rinaldi (2780 points)
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Hi! I'm one of the tutors :)
by (480 points)
Another tutor here!
1899325 (5730 points)
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Thanks, the tutor of the lesson on the 6th October is very nice and helpful!
Lorenzo_Pellegrino (820 points)
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first to comment
by (630 points)
Hi i am the last tutor ;)
DGreat (1210 points)
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It's me! I am Damiano, even if I'm not on that list! :D
Luigi Pizza (6120 points)
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I'm asking this because the post wan't all that clear. The line "I leave the tutors the freedom to organize the work as they wish (remote or in presence)." refers to:

  1. the third task: "help the students to practice solving exam exercises".
  2. third and first task.
  3. In general, if we need any help.

Thank you.


By the way, here is a list of all the tutor's pages and nicknames:

Alessandro Monteleone -

Eduardo Rinaldi -

Guido Pitoni -

Riccardo Tittarelli -

Damiano Gualandri - 

DGreat (1210 points)
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Gualandri :)
Quellocinese (2700 points)
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I think it just means the tutors aren't assigned a specific method to organize the their tutoring in general, like choosing to meet students in presence or in remote or the methods used to explain stuff. They have a margin of freedom