Unit 2 - Log of the lectures

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Unit 2

Sep 29th: Introduction to programming, algorithms, think and express and algorithm, first steps with python.

Oct 1st: python terminal, differences between binary and text files, bits and bytes/hex digits representations, encoding (one-to-one mapping), int and float types (sketch)

Oct 6th: modeling problems with graphs (Königsberg's bridges, traveling salesman problem), int, float, strings, functions, print, input

Oct 8th: importing modules, variables in function scope, if statement and importance of the indentation, exercises.

Oct 13th: exercise solutions and discussion, max function, or and and operators oddities, tuples, lists, sort/sorted, reverse/reversed, list element selection, and slicing, addition (append/insert) and removal (del/pop).

Oct 15th: lists, tuples, strings, for and while loops, exercises.

Oct 20th: first optional HW assignment, for on lists and strings. Looping with the position of the elements (indexes with range function) or with the elements.

Oct 22th: structure of a program, counting the elements of a list, efficiency of solutions.

Oct 27th: HW assignment 2, dictionaries, list sorting, introduction to lambda functions.

Nov 3rd: dictionaries, sorting, file operations

Nov 5th: dictionaries, sorting functions (lambda), file operations, json files

Nov 10th: sorting functions, file reading, and writing, removing elements from a list while scanning, dictionaries of dictionaries (nested dictionaries)

Nov 12th: HW2-req solutions overview and discussion, HW4-req description and discussion, introduction to matrices as lists of lists (nested lists)

Nov 17th: working with nested lists, matrices and images.

Nov 19th: working with nested lists, images.

Nov 24th: HW-req description and discussion, images and classes.

Nov 26th: images (follow the line, iterative/recursive), classes (matrix)

Dec 1st: image ex15, recursion

Dec 3rd: permutations, recursion on lists, trees, binary trees implemented via the BNode class

Dec 10th: HW8-req, review of binary trees, n-ary trees.

Dec 15th: HW8-req, exam simulation

Dec 17th: HW8-req, small recap about slicing, dictionaries, exercises with sets, lists, strings and os library


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the first lesson was great!!
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As I have also commented under the Post "Video Recordings", a part of the lecture of Sep 29th has been lost due to the separation into breakout rooms. In particular the part that has been lost regarded:

  • 2 exercises: 

    • 6 Marbles Problem (you have six marbles of which one is heavier and you want to find it using a double-plate weight scale only twice)

    • Sorting Algorithm (you have 10 random numbers and you want to sort them in increasing order)

  • usage of the terminal: dir, cd, touch(Only OS Unix/Unix-like), cat > (Only OS Unix/Unix-like), copy, move, python3

Apart from touch and cat >, all the other commands work on Windows. 

If you have Windows as your OS, you can open the terminal with (Win+R -> cmd.exe) and write the commands with the following syntax to learn what they are about:

command /?

It should look Something like this:

C:\Users\user>move /?

(Obviously you can change directory however you want)

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Can you please tell me from where i can have the video of the classes
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Hi! You can see the recordings of the lessons here: https://q2a.di.uniroma1.it/21945/video-recordings#
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will we be going over these exercises in class?

It would be really helpful to understand the tricky sections