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Programming Unit 1

Programming Unit 2


Introduction to programming through the Python language (4 hours)
Data types, variables, assignments, control structures, functions, classes, modules, and Input/Output (10 hours)
Basic data structures: arrays, strings, lists, tuples, and dictionaries (16 hours)
Leverage the basic data structures to design and develop programs through procedural programming and object-oriented programming (4 hours)
Program debugging and testing (2 hours)
Differences between recursive and iterative algorithms (12 hours)
Python libraries for graphics, file handling, text/HTML processing, and internet access (12 hours)

Adopted texts

Think Python 2nd Edition by Allen B. Downey


Additional suggested readings

Guido van Rossum, Python Tutorial
Josh Cogliati, Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
F. Pellacini, Fondamenti di Programmazione in Python
F. Pellacini, Codice di Fondamenti di Programmazione in Python


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It's so helpful to have this website where we can read announcement and help each other :))
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                   Great, appreciate the effort

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For those who are searching the Additional suggested readings, here are the links:

The suggested readings made by Prof. Fabio Pellacini are under strict copyright and I can't  publish their links. 
Josh Cogliati, Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python has a copyleft policy.
Guido van Rossum, Python Tutorial has a copyleft policy if and only if some conditions are met. Which they are, page 147 of the English version and page 101 of the Italian one.