[EXAM] Registration for the next exam sessions of Programming Unit 1 & Programming Lab in June, July and September

asked May 28, 2021 in News by Claudio.DiCiccio (2,770 points)

Dear Students,

The next sessions of the Programming Unit 1 and Programming Lab exams will be held both online and in-person (the latter upon request). For Programming Lab: register for the exam via Infostud and choose your preferred option (remote/in presence). For Programming Unit 1: please fill in the appropriate Google Form from the list below and select the preferred option. The schedule follows.

Session 4:
Programming Lab / Fondamenti di Programmazione: 2021-06-18, 15:00–18:00 CEST (registration via Infostud by 2021-06-13)
Programming Unit 1: 2021-06-23, 15:00–18:30 CEST (registration via form by 2021-06-18: https://forms.gle/LmtSJMoPxUustw2z8)

HW submission deadline: 2021-06-13, 23:59 CEST

Session 5:
Programming Lab / Fondamenti di Programmazione: 2021-07-16, 09:00–13:00 CEST (registration via Infostud by 2021-07-11)
Programming Unit 1: 2021-07-21, 09:00–13:00 CEST (registration via form by 2021-07-16: https://forms.gle/2hnAdna4U7wB74c29)

HW submission deadline: 2021-07-11, 23:59 CEST

Session 6:
Programming Lab / Fondamenti di Programmazione: 2021-09-15, 14:00–19:00 CEST (registration via Infostud by 2021-09-10)
Programming Unit 1: 2021-09-17, 14:00–18:30 CEST (registration via form by 2021-09-13: https://forms.gle/qkyaX1f5pJJDdvzM8)

HW submission deadline: 2021-09-10, 23:59 CEST

All the best,
Andrea, Angelo, Claudio and Iacopo

PS we remind you that the deadlines to submit the recovery HW hold for *all* courses (Programming Unit 1, Programming Lab, Fondamenti di Programmazione)

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