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To the students that have requested to attend the special session exam through the Department site.

Dear students
the special session of the Programming Lab exam will be held next 31st March at 11 am both online and in presence. The special session of Programming Unit 1 (oral exam) will take place remotely on 9 April 2021 at 3 pm.
If you have an unstable network or you don't have the required hardware/software you can attend the exam in presence at the same time in the lab 17 at via Tiburtina 205 (please show up 15 min earlier).
For Programming Lab: register for the exam on infostud and choose your remote/in presence preferred option.
For Programming Unit 1: fill in the Google Form at https://forms.gle/VRSi8EwxQjzTD2ba6https://forms.gle/VRSi8EwxQjzTD2ba6 

We will send you in the next days the authentication credentials and all the details to participate both in the connection test session and the exam session.

All the beast :)

Andrea, Angelo Claudio e Iacopo

PS we remind you that the deadline to submit recovery HW for this exam is 23:59 of 26th march (for all courses Fondamenti*/Programming* and teledidattica)

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