[EXAM] Special reserved exam session

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Next exam session is reserved to DSA, worker students, "fuori corso" and "laureandi"

If you satisfy the requirements, fill the form at  https://www.studiareinformatica.uniroma1.it/appelli-d-esame to apply.

The exam will be held together with the Fondamenti di programmazione course:

  • Wednesday 31 March from 11AM to 3PM
    • the exam will be online
    • in case you really need to do the exam in presence, be at  2:45PM at the laboratory 15 of via Tiburtina 205
      • please reserve the exam "in presence" only if your network/pc problems are really troubling
  • DEADLINE FOR RECOVERY HW: 23:59 of 26 March

The deadline is unique for all 4 classes (Fondamenti AL/MZ, Programming/Lab, Teledidatti, Programming)

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