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asked Jan 29, 2021 in News by YUSUPHA JUWARA (450 points)
Hello Everyone,

I got a disappointing mark in the programming lab exam. If anyone is interested in assisting me improve on binary trees and recursion in his/her leisure time, please let me know either here (comment) or inbox me please. I am really in need of help! I am working on the 27th January exam, but I still can't solve the 2 last recursion questions. Though I am very close to getting the 4th exercise, but my counter is wrong, and I tried to modify it but still doesn't give me the correct result. I have been getting partial correct answers, and since I didn't have any helper, I ignored them (and this was one of the key reasons I got a miserable mark in the exam). I just need one or two lectures about binary trees and recursion; nothing more, because I'll put in all my effort to understand. Even if you are not as good as  Prof Spognardi and prof Di Ciccio, as long as you know something that you want to share with me, you are welcome and I'll appreciate it. Furthermore, after helping me with the aforementioned topics, if the person wants me to send him/her my codes(if I have somehow partial correct codes), and help me debug them together in less than 3-5 minutes provided s/he is free and willing. Help your classmate guys!

Thank you all!

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