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Dear Professors,

I can remember clearly that we were told that if someone does more than 2 exams his/her best mark will be choosing and registered. My question is, why should someone have to either accept or reject his/her mark then? What if s/he wants to improve his/her mark further but somehow gets lower mark than the previous? it is possible that someone gets a good mark but wants to do all the 5 exams in order to get the maximum possible mark. Please help us understand what you meant my this statement; whether it applies to registering the marks on infostud for the time being!  

Thank all!

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Your information is wrong.
You cannot choose the best grade of 2 or more exams.

You have 5 chances each year to try an exam.
For each one you must choose if you accept the grade or if you reject it and try again later.
Once you reject a grade you cannot recover it (you cannot change the decision).