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coding together!

Alfred (280 points)
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in Programming in Python by (280 points)
Hello everyone! So far we have done several exercises on an individual level, under the guidance of the professors and with the help of study groups.

I was wondering, what are the steps to organize a "homework" to be done by several people?

Speaking with some friends I made here at the university, some of us have the desire to be able to build small games like Tetris for example (perhaps with some ACSAI themed twists), maybe even changing a few of the rules! The point is, in a sense we're pioneers of the ACSAI! it would be really cool to do a project like this, with the aim of being published(i know, it is not possible to share the code. But a man can dream!) or passed on to new generations of ACSAI students. Plus, i think it could be a fun experience outside of the exams\homework combination!

The points that most intrigue me about a similar project are the dynamics of how to manage it! Should we code the game first and only after think about every little detail to add or change? Should we all write the code together? Or divide it into parts so that everyone manages his own?  I do not know which of the last two approaches is the most suitable, since, personally, I still find it difficult to read and learn from codes written by others.

Right now the only solution that i have regarding the "read&learn" from codes written by others, is basically just do a lot of practice with exercises. So, any advice also for this are more than welcome!

Thanks for reading this far! i hope it wasn't too boring.

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