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Ze Uploader (360 points)
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asked Jan 19, 2021 in HW8 2nd chance by Ze Uploader (360 points)

Might be a stupid question but it's still worth a try:

Inside the folder containing the images for the program, i've stubled upon some that are specifically of a color only... do i have to manage to get at least 1 recursion out of those ones aswell? The program checks for a recursion to happen, so the guess i have is yes but, i'm still asking because i have this doubt.

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day! smiley

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iacopomasi (2780 points)
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answered Jan 21, 2021 by iacopomasi (2,780 points)

Hi @Ze Uploader ,

think well about the problem and check the cases where you do not need the recursion and things will be more clear.

You can also take a look at this thread though it's in Italian (you can try Google Translate)

I hope this helps,