Extra material for solving exercises with json

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asked Jan 8, 2021 in News by angelo.spognardi (4,120 points)

Hi all and happy new year! I've included in the log of our lectures an additional video clip with some tips on how to use the json module. While it is very introductory, leaving the interested students to explore more in detail the full documentation, it will quickly cover the two main functions you will need to solve the exercises in the past exam database.

As clearly stated, json files will not be part of the exam, but are a great resource that, I'm sure, will be a quite handy tool for many of you.

If you have any question, you know how to contact me and don't hesitate to do it!

All the best and stay safe!


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answered Jan 8, 2021 by Silktrader (2,550 points)
(Thanks for the addendum.)
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answered Jan 9, 2021 by davide.marincione (1,380 points)
Thank you professor!
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answered Jan 11, 2021 by Alessandro Vecchi (1,870 points)
Actually I have a question sir.

Is there a way to do exercises in the remote exam server?

I'm asking this since I have a Mac and there is not a way to set the server of the exam in order to use the Mac's keys (such as cmd, my best friend). Hence I should make practice a little bit (also because it's slower and during the exam simulation was lagging too much)

Moreover today we did the LA exam and in theory we should have used the SEB. However, I discovered that if I have Zoom open I can't run the Safe Exam Browser since it asks me to close all the applications that are open.

I think that would be better to solve these problems before the exam