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Exercises from past exams

in Exam exercises by (2.8k points)

Dear Students,

As you may have already noticed, we have a collection of exercises used for the past programming exams of the course entitled “Fondamenti di Programmazione”: you can reach the collection via the “Old exam exercises in Python” link on the right-hand side panel. A new set of exercises has just been added. Due to the bulk translation from Italian to English, typos and cluttered phrases may appear – in case you find any of those, please feel free to inform us with a post below this one. Kudos to Andrei Laurentiu Lepadat and Eduardo Rinaldi for their remarkable effort.

Best regards,
Angelo Spognardi and Claudio Di Ciccio


3 Answers

benjamin (2490 points)
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by (2.5k points)

hello proffessor.

i have found that the test for exercise 6 does not work. I thought that my solution was the problem but I checked and even the proposed solution raise the same error in the of the English version of the exercise:

>       tree = tree.BinaryTree.fromList(expected)
E       UnboundLocalError: local variable 'tree' referenced before assignment

Alessandro Vecchi (1870 points)
1 10 18
by (1.9k points)
Yep, I just discovered the same error. It's enough to modify the name of the variable 'tree' in in lines 37 and 38 to check if the solution is correct.
Dario_loi (1710 points)
0 3 10
by (1.7k points)
I have also encountered the same issue on exercise number 66 (Maximum width of a tree) and I can't figure out how should I change the variable names in order to get this in a working state.
by (2.8k points)
Dear guys,

Thanks for your precious feedback. We are collecting your remarks and make sure to fix the bugs as soon as possible.

Alessandro Vecchi (1870 points)
1 10 18
by (1.9k points)
I think I found another exercise with some mistakes. From my point of view the solution of the es80 has several mistakes and I have trouble to understand a part of the exercise. What does it mean '''total number of times the
    word has been found in any .txt file'' ? I thought it was obvious but it's wrong. I interpreted it as "count how many times the string word is present in each file and then sum all these "counters".
angelo.spognardi (4720 points)
37 65 99
by (4.7k points)
Hi all, thanks for your feedback. I will fix them ASAP and report here the appropriate fixes.

YUSUPHA JUWARA (450 points)
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by (450 points)
Dear Professors,

will today's exam also be added to the passed exams' exersices, shortly? If not, then how do I get it (I mean today's one)? Should I ask for it through email?

Alessandro Vecchi (1870 points)
1 10 18
by (1.9k points)
I think it will be uploaded here in the forum tomorrow, as it happened on the italian forum