Registration forms for the oral exams of Programming – Unit 1 (sessions 1 and 2)

asked Jan 5, 2021 in Course info by Claudio.DiCiccio (2,770 points)

Dear Students,

I hope you had a smooth start in the new year! As you may know, we cannot take advantage of InfoStud for Programming – Unit 1 as the course is bound to Unit 2. Please find the registration forms below, which you should access only through your institutional email address. Please register for one session at a time: a confirmation link with your response will be delivered to your email address, so in case you change your mind later, you can opt out by selecting “No” in the “I will attend this session“ field.

  • Programming Unit 1 - Oral exam - Registration (session 1, 2021-01-26, 09:30–18:00 CET): (registration closes on 2021-01-24, 23:59 CET);
  • Programming Unit 1 - Oral exam - Registration (session 2, 2021-02-16, 09:30–18:00 CET): (registration closes on 2021-02-14, 23:59 CET).

Should any issue arise, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Best regards,

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