Programming Unit 1: quasi-closing remarks

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Dear Students,

Those of you who have not already filled in the questionnaire for the evaluation of the Programming course are kindly invited to enter
and proceed if you please. Your answers remain entirely anonymous but they would help me greatly to understand where/how the course can be improved and what you perhaps liked of it.

The next class would take place in a hybrid format as usual on Tuesday, December the 22nd, 09:00-11:00. During that lecture, we will see how a possible oral examination would work, with some examples of questions that could be possibly asked.

There would be also an extra class on Tuesday, December the 29th, 11:00-17:00 (with a lunch break at around 13:00, of course). This one would be solely streamed live (so, I would not be there in the classroom) and would pertain to a topic that won’t be part of the exam anyway. As always, the lecture will be recorded and left on our GDrive shared space (as well as linked on TWiki, of course). Those of you who want to take part in it are very welcome to do so. The topic has been chosen just today with a poll (thanks to those who participated!), which saw the “Solidity: Programming Smart Contracts” topic get the highest position in the ranking (see the results here).

Best regards,
Claudio Di Ciccio


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