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[GRADES] Grades of HW2 and HW4 [DRAFT]

andrea.sterbini (173640 points)
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As we have completed both the secret tests and the similarity tests, the HW2 and HW4 results are complete (but DRAFT).

EDIT: I  forgot to update the HW4 grades with the secret tests result. Now they are correct (and I have added the missing students)

EDIT: the colleagues Di Ciccio and Spognardi have requested a test re-run of HW4 without the "infamous" laugh random-3 test because the English course's students were not aware of my answer in the Italian forum, (where I said that a prosody without repetition was a perfectly good input). The tests are running and the HW4 results and bonuses will be updated accordingly. The same I am doing for the Italian course.

EDIT: The PDF has been updated, I am deleting your comments below, please comment if something is (still :rolleye: wrong)

EDIT: I had to move a student that wrongly had submitted his HW here to the italian course and updated the grades accordingly. The other students that are in the wrong place and should be moved please comment below.


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